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In order to meet the specific needs of International Operators and Crew Employers, AGIS was able to extend its offer, offering an Administrative Assistance for mandatory declarations and social management of their Staff:

Establishment of the payroll submitted to the Employer, interface with the French social security and other insurance schemes, preparation of various social statements, coordination of the information between foreign companies, French administrations and the ships...

Through its operational knowledge and its proximity with the Crews, AGIS plays an essential role for the transmission of documents, information, administrative and social statements, between the foreign Companies and their Crews.

AGIS also assists its Clients in other areas, such as relationships with suppliers, payment process, translations... In close partnership with several specialized law firms, AGIS is able to coordinate relations for its clients with the appropriate professional for each case.


Summary of Services

Social Mission:

  • Preparation of documents and statements for social management,
  • Payroll treatment with an accounting firm, to meet French Standards,
  • Coordination with the occupational medicine.

Administrative services:

  • Billing and disbursements,
  • Relations with banks and financial services in France,
  • Translations and other specific requests for correspondence.