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AGIS is the first independent agency, specialized in consulting and assistance to international river ship operators, sailing in France.

For over 20 years, AGIS has developed, through its Technical & Nautical Expertise, a global support, dedicated to Operational & Logistics support for rivercruise ships. Expanding recently its services to an Administrative & Social mission, AGIS is establishing itself today as a key player as Consultant and Representative of its clients with the administration of the sector...

Through services tailored to the operations of its Clients, AGIS provides assistance to Ship Owners, Management and Catering Companies as well as some Providers (audio guides, maintenance companies...).

AGIS only acts as "Agent" and is neither ship owner, nor involved in the chartering, sale or marketing of cruises.

Combining geographical proximity with the units upon navigation, response and language proficiency (English and German), AGIS ensures a continuity of services between the International Operators and their Crews. Operating on the Rhône-Saône, Seine and Garonne rivers, AGIS now extends its benefits to the majority of the foreign fleet, sailing in France.

AGIS has become a reference and a key player in the fast growing sector of river cruising...


With an outreach team that combines business knowledge, responsiveness and commitment to service quality, AGIS is able to provide a a comprehensive solution to meet its Customers’ expectations. 
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