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With an experience of over ten years, AGIS has developed a Nautical & Technical Expertise with the ail to respond to the specific needs of foreign river cruise ships.

AGIS has established long-term partnerships with the most efficient providers to solve the technical problems occurring during cruises or winter moorings, for nautical and catering equipments.

With a valuable experience on monitoring navigation on French waterways, AGIS provids usefull information on sailing schedules, also in case of unusual situations or crises (floods, sailing interruptions, lock disturbances...).

AGIS is striving to improve services at the ports of call, thus supporting its Clients thru its expertise. Schematically, three needs are mainly expressed: access to water, waste treatment and recycling, and a sufficient source of energy to power the ships during the season or the mooring times.

Summary of Services :

Repairs and maintenance
on nautical and catering equipment:

  • Coordination with technical companies
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Coordination of drydock operations

Issues related to navigation:

  • Information and advice on sailing schedules
  • Locks and Docks during the season and winter berth
  • Assistance on unusual situations (floods, sailing interruptions, locks disturbances...)

Facility Management:

  • Access to energy (water, fuel, electricity ...)
  • Waste treatment and used spare parts (collection & recycling)
  • Representation towards the local authorities