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The activity of river cruises started in France in 1987, with the arrival of the ARLENE, first cruise ship on the Rhône. Alain Biechel, navigation passionate offered to develop the first provision of services specifically for this new activity of “inland waterway passenger transport”.

With the arrival of foreign cruise ships on French rivers, Alain Biechel specialized in 1992 in the counsel for international operators. Indeed, aside from a local support, the need was for advice to understand the French specificities as well as a language assistance.

It is in 2002 that all these services where unified under the name of AGIS. With the growth of the fleet and the more specific demands, AGIS expanded in 2006 with the arrival of Leo Beilmann, presently Director of Operations.

In 2010, in order to meet with the growing demand from foreign operators, AGIS extended its services to an administrative support for handling the social matters related to crews.

In 2011, Yannick Paturel was appointed Managing Director for AGIS. His experience in France and abroad with the service and hospitality industry gave the opportunity to further expand AGIS services. At the end of 2012, Yannick PATUREL, took over as Chairman of the company AGIS.

With the opening of its second agency in 2013 in Rouen, AGIS strengthens its presence on the Seine, while developing its activities on the Rhône-Saône rivers and the facility management at the ports of call.

Meanwhile, the company already represented on the Garonne, opened a 3rd office in Bordeaux beginning of 2016, as well as moved its Lyon agency to a new and more functional premises.

To support the development of the company's activities on the Rhine, AGIS opened a fourth branch at the end of 2021 in Alsace in Vogelgrun (Île du Rhin), close to Neuf-Brisach.

With over 20 years of development, AGIS represents today a fleet of 32 ships under contract at different levels

AGIS, established in 2002, has grown steadily since the beginning of river cruising and now has offices in Lyon, Rouen, Bordeaux and in Alsace in Neuf-Brisach...