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As a River Cruise Ship Agent, AGIS is centralising the issues of “inland waterway passenger transport”, simplifying, improving and optimizing the Operators’ needs.
Strongly implemented with a direct proximity to the ships, AGIS has become a key player for Operations & Logistics in France...

To ensure a responsive delivery service on all the Ships of the inland waterways’ network, AGIS acts as a logistical platform, centralizing the collection and distribution of post, parcels and other equipments.

AGIS Customers are familiar with their supply chain. However, for specific applications, the use of a local chain might prove to be more efficient due to the nature (local products), the possible obsolescence (perishable goods) and the volume of ordered products. AGIS is therefore also working with specialized suppliers for nautical and catering goods and equipments.

For the sake of a comprehensive customized support, AGIS also provides its foreign Clients, with a specific assistance on the "French regulatory standards." Thus, AGIS coordinates authorizations for the ships vendors licence (“licence IV”), water and food analysis, and waste disposal receipts...

Summary of the Services

Logistical platform:

  • Centralization of post and parcels, storage,
  • Collection and distribution with the ships.


  • Supply of equipment and goods for catering,
  • sourcing of nautical and technical equipments.

Regulatory compliance:

  • Authorizations for a vendors licence (“licence IV”),
  • Collection and coordination with approved laboratories for water and food samples.